Meet the “Vampire Deer” – A Real Life Mythical Monste

Chinese water deer, despite their name are European animals with a unique characteristic. Instead of the expected horns or antlers seen on the majority of deer species, they have large, vampire-like fangs. The deer have been nicknamed the “Vampire Dear” as a result of their unique appearance – the unnerving large teeth paired with cute teddy bear features makes for an interesting combination.


Chinese water deer were first kept at London Zoo in 1873 but escaped from Whipsnade Zoo in 1929. From there a wild population developed in the UK, with most of the creatures in fields, woodlands and near rivers in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk. The deer have light brown fur with a white front, weigh between 11 and 18 grams, and their fangs are usually two inches long. This means that they overlap it’s mouth, giving it the vampire appearance. The fangs begin to appear when the animals reach around seven months old.

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They do not eat with their large teeth, and in fact can shift them when eating vegetation. They are mainly used to defend itself from other male deer who pose a threat.

Do you think these real life mythical monsters are cute or creepy?



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