Meet Krinkles, the Creepiest Mascot To Ever Exist

Back in the 1950s, cereal mascots were one – a much bigger deal than they are now, and two – pretty terrifying. But we think we’ve found the mascot who tops them all in the creep factor!

Meet Krinkles, the face of ‘Sugar Rice Krinkles’ from 1950 to 1969.

If he wasn’t scary enough on the front of the box, he also starred in a television commercial that made him look like a demonic, cereal eating entity ready to swallow souls.

Maybe it’s the black and white film, but we can’t help feeling this guy was thought up by a marketing board featuring John Wayne Gacy and Rob Zombie. Any kids of the 50s out there remember how you reacted to this abomination as a youngster?

You can watch the full advert below and see the horror of Krinkles for yourself!

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