Meet The Horror Fans Who Brought The Macabre To Their Marriage

Meet the Horror Fans who brought the macabre to their Marriage!

Horror fans are often a very creative group of people. It’s no surprise then that when it comes to planning a wedding – spooky couples often incorporate the weird and unexpected into their ceremonies. With zombie themed photo shoots and monster cakes – it’s clear that the classic white dress isn’t for everyone. As more offbeat celebrations become more common, we have seen couples start their marriage with all sorts of guts and gore, as well as elegant and gothic. So, lets meet some of the people who opted for horror wedding and find out if the couple that slays together – stays together!

Ruby and Daniel are both lifelong horror fanatics who met working in the horror industry. When planning their wedding, the couple wanted to pay tribute to the community that brought them together. What better day for their wedding then, than Friday the 13th? The couple incorporated Jason’s iconic hockey mask into bouquets, jewelry, and a gorgeous cake lettered ‘Till Death Do Us Part’. They even danced to ‘Thriller’ at the reception.

Wedding photographer Karen Rainier was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph a wedding with a difference. This crerative couple decided to take the recognizable imagery of hit Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ and use it as inspiration for their ceremony. They worked with a unique color palate inspired by the colors of the sky in the posters, and the super dark saturated colors of the upside down, and recreated the alphabet wall as well as many 80s props to bring the series to life.

There was even flowers that looked like the intimidating Demogorgon from the show, romantic placards inspired by The Upside Down, a waffle cake, and some subtle Dungeons and Dragons references scattered throughout the wedding.

Magdalena was thrilled when her best friend Mimi announced her engagement. They had been friends since school, and Mimi had been an amazing source of support when her friend had been involved in an accident that required her to use a wheelchair. So Magdelena wanted to help Mimi put on a wedding to remember, and once that was suited to her tastes for all things dark and spooky.

Mini decided to base her wedding theme on Stanley Kubrick’s macabre and terrifying psychological horror movie, ‘The Shining’. While it’s not a common theme, the friends managed to pull it off. There were film inspired props, invitations and decor included which recreate the infamous hotel from the film.

Lauren and Steve are such dedicated horror fans, that they arranged their wedding around an upcoming horror festival that they didn’t want to miss! Marrying the week before Halloween, they themed their wedding aesthetic around the films they were both passionate about. There were no ordinary wedding cars involved, but a converted hearse which had been signed by Alice Cooper! Their custom cake toppers showed the couple in costume – and Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise and as a zombie.

Table name cards were themed around their favourite horror films, and the reading was apocalyptic peom “The Day the Saucers Came”. And after the meal, guests were invited to check out and be photographed with an assortment of gruesome horror props. Every guest brought a pumpkin, which helped bring the spooky Halloween atmosphere to life.