Meet Every Goth’s Perfect Familiar – the Dracula Parrot

Did you know that there are almost four hundred different types of parrot? The majority are multicoloured, or brightly coloured in appearance – but this vulnerable species is something of an exception. The Pesquet’s parrot is noted for the contrast between its dark overall colour, and flashes of blood red feathers. It also has a smaller head than most parrots, leading people to often mistake it for a vulture.

Commonly known as the Dracula Parrot, the birds are not as scary as their nickname suggests. They do not in fact drink the blood of other animals, and their diet mostly consists of figs.

Its not just it’s appearance that’s spooky. The parrots call has been described as a “harsh and rasping growl,” and a “drawn-out scream” when the bird is in flight.

Sadly this unique bird is listed as a vulnerable species. Deforestation, and the value of their feathers have contributed to a rapid decline in their numbers. There are currently only between 20k to 49k mature parrots left in the wild. Hopefully the birds can attract the attention of their goth counterparts and bring awareness to their decreasing numbers. Because if this bird goes extinct, who is going to sit on the shoulders of Disney Villains?

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