Mass Grave Pictures Brings Dark Tales From Channel X


Mass Grave Pictures, producers of Blood Slaughter Massacre and The Attack Of The Brain People, brings you a new anthology web series to scratch that Halloweeny itch; Dark Tales From Channel X.

Dark Tales will feature short films produced by Mass Grave Pictures presented in an anthology format, each episode ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. Mass Grave will release two episodes in October and two in November, one of which will be the extended cut (previously only seen in festivals) of their infamous body-horror short film “M Is For Mastectomy.”

Here’s the synopsis: “A man who speaks in riddles, simply called ‘The Viewer,’ collects various stories of the unknown and the macabre. His first dark tale, Sleepless, concerns a man who is tormented in his home at night, by a dark presence.”

Episodes will be made available on Vimeo, and YouTube as well as on the Mass Grave Pictures website,

Check out the trailer for episode two, ‘The Au Pair’ below.