This Mashup Freddy and Re-Animator Glove is a Horror Fan’s Dream


We like horror mashups around here, but this one has to top the list of the most awesome. Nightmares Unlimited create hardcore props for hardcore fans, and their latest project combines Freddy Krueger’s iconic glove with the glowing Re-Animator serum.


Company owner  Mark Phillips recently required a licence for Re-Animator, and wanted to combine this with the first replica he ever created – the glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street: Part 3.

Of course, fans will remember the unique glove from the movie – with the blades switched out for needles, and understand why this mashup makes so much sense. We’re honestly not sure if it would look better (or more threatening) on Freddy Krueger or Herbert West!

As if the glove prop wasn’t awesome enough – it also glows in the dark!


Nightmares Unlimited have a reputation for their fantastic horror props, and have created Phantasm spheres, and memorial pieces. Check out their Facebook for more of their work.