Mark Pingitore: Garbage Pail Kids


PIA Soup / Ravenous REGAN

Mark Pingitorea is a Philadelphia-born professional illustrator/animator who has produced artwork for over 40 Garbage Pail Kids card fronts as well as concept work, sketch cards, and paintings for various other trading card series, such as Wacky Packages, Hollywood Zombies, Mars Attacks, and Cereal Killers. He is currently the youngest Garbage Pail Kids contributor, having started working on concepts when he was 23.


Night MARION / Freaky FREDDY

Mark was a lifelong fan of Garbage Pail Kids. explaining “I would carry my large stack of cards with me everywhere I went. I even have a Christmas home video where I’m opening series 10 packs that were in my stocking, and you can see how excited and hyper I was looking through each card. It’s hilarious. I also remember sometimes getting packs ofGPK for treats after meals. I’d say that the art really influenced my personal style, and it’s always stayed with me” Although he lost his original cards in childhood, he re-bought them in 1997 and was thrilled when Topps re-introduced the series in 2003.


Mommas BOYD / Crystal LUKE

He began sending his concepts to Topps in high school, emailing his designs to Jeff Zapata for feedback. For his first series, he submitted around 30 ideas,  with Jeff coaching him in his first professional job. He had been drawing since he was a child, inspired by Garbage Pail, superheroes and cartoon characters.  Mark took some drawing classes, then attended The Art Institute of Philadelphia for animation, where he expanded his skills in figure drawing and composition. Mark also works as Lead Animator for an animation studio in Hamilton, NJ called Two Animators, producing web-series’.


BRIDGET Bride / Just MARY 

To come up with ideas, he jots down a short description in his sketchbook, and produces quick thumbnail. When he come to submitting his concepts, he looks through previous cards to make sure nothing too similar has be previously covered.  Once he has settled on an idea, he does a sketch to work out the composition of the piece.  This sketch is sent to Jeff, before a final sketch is produced. Although he does not have a say in who produces the final card, he enjoys seeing the direction his design takes.


Masked MICHAEL / SHAUN Shape

Find out more about Mark’s work and his official website, or DeviantART.