Maiden, A New Feminist Folk Horror Film

Maiden, the newest project from Terence Krey and Christine Nyland, the team behind the cult horror-comedy series GRAVES, is currently crowdfunding on Seed&Spark.

Maiden is everything that you love about the folk horror genre—set in contemporary America.

Inspired by classic horror films as varied as The Wicker Man and Alien, writers Christine Nyland and Terence Krey have taken the traditionally British genre and relocated it to small town America. They’ve also infused it with a healthy dose of witchcraft.

The result is a familiar film with a distinctly feminist lens, following a modern-day witch as she searches a small town for a young woman who’s gone missing. Things take a dangerous turn when she stumbles upon a cult of men who ritualistically sacrifice women.

“We’re trading the desolate country sides and remote villages of British folk horror, for the bleak woods that surround America’s closed-down factory towns,” said Krey, who will also direct the film. “Horror can appear in anyone’s hometown.”

“Folk horror is such a ripe genre for exploring how we relate to our beliefs and how our beliefs influence how we relate to each other,” said Nyland, who is also set to star in the film. “We wanted to use that lens to explore what’s happening in America.”

Maiden is currently crowdfunding on Seed&Spark, where you can donate and vote for the film to win $25,000 and a first-look distribution deal by following the project.

Terence Krey and Christine Nyland are the team behind the lo-fi horror web series GRAVES. After 3 seasons, 21 episodes, critical praise, and a Streamy nomination for Best Indie Series, Nyland and Krey decided to close the book on GRAVES, but not on their horror ambitions. They are currently developing and co-writing their first horror feature together, Maiden, with the intent to go into production by 2019.

Check out the Seed&Spark video too.

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