Macabre Faire Preview


Managed by Twitch Twitch Productions, Macabre Faire is a convention/party celebrating all things creepy and spooky. The event blends Horror, Steampunk, Gothic, Renaissance and other assorted creepiness for a weekend of fun in the heart of Long Island. They describe themselves as “intimately sized setting with a super friendly atmosphere”, and the event will incorporate music, horror movies, costumes, strange attractions, drinking, food, and dancing. We wish we were there this weekend, but if you do happen to be going, here’s our pick of the attractions we’d love to see!

What we really like about these guys is the sense of community they seem to create around their festival. They explain that “Whether you show up alone or with friends our goal is to ensure you feel like you’re part of one big Macabre Family!”. There is also a core group of loyal Macabre Faire attendees that have supported all the events since April 2012 and have participated in a special “Hallowing Ceremony” where they then received the official title of “Macabreite” and their identifying pin. So, let’s take a look at what’s going on in Long Island this weekend.

Art of Darkness

ahm landscape

‘Liz (Emily Baxter) is a nurse who had to quit her job as she struggles to cope with the emotional stress of having lost a baby. With the debts piling up and her and her husband Ben (Martin Laurence) at emotional and financial breaking point, she takes a modelling job to help make ends meet. Arriving at the shoot, Liz meets Philip, an intense and successful young photographer and she feels flattered by his interest. But all is not what it seems in this remote middle class area… and while Liz poses for her new friend Philip (Ryan Elliott), she has no idea of the horror that is lurking in the shadow… until… Liz finds a body, panic stricken she knows they have to escape, she tries her only hope… Ben. Will there strained relationship hold up long enough for him to believe her and save her? As the body count rises will she make it out alive? Or will the sinister game of cat and mouse end in a bloody masterpiece. Life Imitates Art… Art Imitates Death’

This one‘s been getting some great reviews, and it’s up for ten awards at the festival. It was described as “The only feature film at the British Horror Film Festival 2012 that was truly terrifying” by Shawn Boyer, a judge for the event.

House Near the End of the Street

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.54.57

A young woman babysits a little boy for the first time and doesn’t pick up on his odd behavior throughout the night.

I’ve seen this one, and it’s a great parody of a variety of well known horror movies. Horror nerds will have a lot of fun spotting all the clever little references, and the kids does a great job of being horribly creepy. The film was created for the Cabin in the Woods spoof competition.

One More for the Road


A married couple go on a road trip to rekindle their marriage, leading to disastrous results.

This short’s had a lot press and some great reviews. I’ve heard it described as sharing traits with Hitchcock, some EC comics vibes, and a great deal of black comedy – which sounds like a winning combination.

48 Hour Film Race

Logo with Bat Laurels and date 493x295

One of the most interesting elements of Macabre Faire is the 48 Hour Film race. The films created during the event, which ran from the 3rd January to the 5th, will be screened this weekend. The rules are oddly specific, and the whole challenge looks like a lot of fun. For example, all the films will feature a red balloon, a shovel and a trophy, and will reference The Powerpuff Girls. I imagine people come up with some really interesting submissions, and it’s a great opportunity to get creative.

How To Die Like A Pro

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 12.08.10

This is an interactive workshop with actress Heather Drew will teach you how to make a career out of dying. There’s a competition with a winner for the best death. The dog above seems to have mastered it.

The Slippery Chickens


“What If… Elvis Presley came back as a fireman with a punk sensibility? And also played standup bass and harp?” The Slippery Chickens attempt to answer this question which was presumably on everyone’s mind.  A stripped-down band with a unique mix of rockabilly and blues in a fantastic retro-style.

This is only a small selection of the vast array of events going on this weekend. If you’re heading out, we’re extremely jealous! Anyone who is attending, let us know how it went and what you made of the films.

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