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Conceived for the ABCs of Death competition, the combination of humour, action and horror in the film is heavily influenced by John Carpenter’s 80s cinema. “Escape from LA” was an inspiration regarding the weird basketball challenge seen in the short. Writer/Director José Pedro Lopes had wanted to create a film where zombies play a spot badly and felt the competition was his chance.  He explains – “Ultimately, “M is for Macho” is a story of friendship beyond death as we find this group of friends who used to play basketball when alive and still continue after dead. My guess would be that Alexis, the female character, will play everyday until she also becomes a zombie.”

“M is for Macho is a quick dose of concentrated horror meets persistence.” LeftHandHorror.com

“With dark humour and light gore, M is for Macho is an entertaining piece and a strong contender for the competition.” Hayley Alice Roberts

“Sweetened with some gender politics and the edge of survivalism, it has fun with the trope (partially because its characters look as unimpressed by the presence of zombies as we are) and manages a nice dismemberment plan. Long story short, I’d love to see the feature-length version.” Scott Beggs, FilmSchoolRejects


It’s becoming increasingly hard to find an original take on the zombie genre, but this film manages to find a niche. Not only is there zombies, but there’s a lot of fun, and some gender politics thrown in, subverting the concept of Macho in the title.


 The heavy soundtrack is also awesome and fresh in the zombie genre and the zombie makeup is comparable to some of the greats in the genre. The performances from the undead are comedic and compelling.


Director José Pedro Lopes is also working on his next project – Zombies4Kids, an animated musical giving practical advice for children facing the undead. We’re advocates for preparing them early, and you can stay up to date with the project at the official Facebook.

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