RJ Bayley Reviews: M is for Merry Christmas


This week I played Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade on my radio programme, the narcissistically titled RJ Bayley Rock Show on Edinburgh’s 98.8 Castle FM. Quite a cheeky plug? Yes, but A) C’mon, I’ve been doing these reviews for years now, B) It’s Christmas, and C) it has a point. Some were delighted with it, others thought it was still too early.

M is for Merry Christmas will satisfy both pro- and anti- early-December Christmas celebration groups. It’s quite simply designed, just a conversation between the Krampus and one of this quarry, the former moaning to the latter about his lot in life. A conversation is all it is really, but it’s such a funny application of very British foul-mouthed moaning to a fantastical situation. It’s these mundane moments between the well known elements of the extraordinary that little indies like this excel at. The dour acting does the brilliant script justice, and the the deliberately unprofessional make up of the Krampus adds another layer of charming miserablism. A great anti-Christmas short.


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