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Michael Hamish Budd (born July 2, 1974, Sydney, Australia) is an Australian film actor, director, and producer. Love of my Life was his feature directorial debut. In the past he has appeared in many Hollywood films, he is best known for playing Esmael, alongside Henry Cavill and Sigourney Weaver in The Cold Light of Day (2012) and playing the Zion Controller in The Matrix Reloaded (2003).

Michael studied in London where he was mentored under a second generation Meisner tutor (Scott Williams) and the teachings of William Ball. After graduating from the Meisner technique with the Impulse Company in 2010 he played on stage in works of Chekhov and Shakespeare and Mamet plays. Michael’s interest in the film-making process as a whole flourished, making short films himself and also commissioning projects for Westminster Arts Library.

Michael Budd’s breakout feature film Love Of My Life, a thriller starring Logie Award winner Peter O’Brien has recently won Best Horror / Sci-Fi at the Mt Hood Film Festival, and has also sold to Gravitas’ Video On Demand Network – delivering it to 100 Million homes across America. This film demonstrates Michael’s bold vision for commercially viable, artistic films to be produced in Australia.

Michael has a Bolster button. Pause the film trailer below to start supporting his work using Bolster.

The synopsis for the film reads –

“Inside one of the many operating theatres of an old, rundown abandoned hospital, A man awakes strapped to a table, disorientated and scared. On the side of the room a single monitor, showing him a live feed of his loved one trapped downstairs in what looks to be the morgue. Then a man appears, decked out in surgeon’s scrubs, and explains the situation to him – “For five days, I am going to do unspeakable, Godless things to you. You are going to scream, and beg, and plead for me to stop. Then at the end of day five, I’m going to kill you. And when I’ve killed you, I’ll let her go. However, if at any point you can take no more, if at any point you want me to stop, all you have to do is say, “Enough”. And I’ll stop. And then I’ll kill her. So ask yourself now, do you really want to go to your grave knowing she was the last person you ever kissed, touched, held, made love to? Is she the love of your life?” This act has played itself out many, many times. And sad as it is to say, no man has ever come close to making past day one.

Until now.”

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