Top Ten Lovecraft Items For The Everyday Horror Fan

1. relating to the universe or cosmos, especially as distinct from the earth.
“the cosmic void”

It was 125 years ago today that Howard Phillips Lovecraft came in to existence and began the experiences that would lead him to create a whole new magical branch of our favourite genre – cosmic horror. He built a whole new world and gave us reason to question the physical laws around us even to the point were people have actually died in their belief of Lovecraft’s writings as truth.

I know how hard it is, Everyday Horror Fan, to want to express your love of these fantastic works of literature ALL THE TIME, but not being able to give up on the 9 to 5 to spend your life in the pursuit of calling back the Great Old Ones (you know, for fun); so I give you ten items every Lovecraft fan needs to always have a bit of cosmic horror filling their hearts, minds and eyes.

10. A Limited Addition Dress


Fancy buying yourself the ultimate in merchandise clothing? With only 750 in existence, this double-sided dress has you covered. With one side depicting Cthultu and the reverse a purple tribute to Edgar Allen Poe’s work you’ll be spoilt for choice. Get yours here.

9. Something to Hide Behind

Now I liked these because they aren’t too out there and could sit on the sofa in your office, or in your living room without your non-horror partner complaining that you fill the house with crap. Personally, I have Mario thwomp pillows in my home and as much as I love them, they are far from being sensible and adult. So go ahead, get yourself some sensible sofa pillows here.

8. A Pretty Pendant

This charming Lovecraftian pendant comes all the way from Estonia. It is inspired by Cthulhu and makes me think instantly of the dark and choppy sea. Want a classy Lovecraft necklace? Look no further. Get yours here.

7. A College Bag

You’ll probably have non-horror fans asking you were your school is but it’ll be worth it when a kindred spirit walks by and points in recognition to the Miskatonic University logo. This simple black canvas messenger bag is a great way to show your love of Lovecraft when you’re out trying to live your mature, adult day to day life. Get yours here.

6. A Place for Your Beer

I have always had this unusual appreciation of strangely shaped mugs and this one really got my attention – a large Cthulhu beer mug! If you are anything like me, you can get yours here.

5. A Snuggle Buddy

I don’t care who you are – everyone has a need for a plush toy now and again. This 30cm plush and beanie filled cuddle monster is the perfect sofa partner when sitting down to some Stuart Gordon mayhem. Get yours here.

4. Some Art

I love to find cool horror prints and posters to frame in my house and if you’re the same then check out these handmade Necronomicon fragments (my favourite are the Dagon ones) here.

3. A Bedtime Story

The one and only Littlest Lovecraft book published to date; this original Kickstarter project is made with your children in mind. This is a beautiful, fully illustrated adaptation of “The Call of Cthulhu”, and I for one hope to see more. Get them hooked while they’re young with your own copy from here.

2. A Mood Setter

Ever wanted a scented candle that smells like old books? Nah, me neither, but here is one anyway. This H.P. Lovecraft inspired books and mossy earth scented candles for when you need to set the Lovecraftian mood. Handmade in small batches to ensure quality, this will musk up any horror fans bath time in the most unique of ways. Get yours here.

1. An Evening of Entertainment

There are many, many Lovecraft board games but if you want my Kowalski wisdom I would advise getting this one as your staple HPL board game (especially if you like longer, more intense games). Just don’t play it for the first time after you’ve drank half a dozen beers. Get yours here.

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