News Bites: Ravings of Love & Death


Here’s an exciting project that’s currently crowdfunding. Ravings of Love & Death is the poetic title of an anthology dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe lovers, gathering the most significant love and death stories of the writer. Meticulously illustrated by David G. Forés over the last two years, and designed by Carlos Ruiz, this is a publication where text, images and an original soundtrack immerse you into its story.

Ravings of love & death will only be available through Kickstarter, the author, or the publisher. This art book, with more than 120 illustrations across 184 pages, will measure 8.5×11.4 inches, and includes:

  • Two illustrated poems: The Raven and Annabel Lee;
  • Six stories: The Black Cat, The Oval Portrait, The Tell-tale Heart, Hop-Frog, The Masque of the Red Death and
  • An unrevealed story, The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, exclusively illustrated for Kickstarter supporters.
  • Edgar Allan Poe’s illustrated biography with notes and trivia of the stories.


Reaching the funding goal means the team can print 1,000 high-quality copies of the art book on heavyweight paper and include unique finishing details (such as UV spot varnish or die-cutting), dependent on the amount of funding reached.

David G. Forés, the illustrator, originally started illustrating some of Edgar Allan Poe stories of the Ravings of love & death for an app, iPoe Collection. He then got hooked to the “sane insanity”. “‘The publication of this art book is a dream for me. Maybe rather than a dream, a delirious nightmare which I have been working on for two years” says David


The team believe that classical literature is like energy, never destroyed, but only transformed. Ravings of love & death is their attempt to revive one of these wonderful classics with illustrations and design that don’t only complement the narrative, but enhance the reading experience to become more immersive.

The anthology theyare hoping to publish is a unique work of art that uses multi-sensorial storytelling: words, illustration, graphic design and layout, execution and soundtrack all blend seamlessly into an immersive experience. For this edition, they will collaborate with Carlos Ruiz, whose typographical skills create further harmony between the text and illustration.


The book also includes the original soundtrack created by Teo Grimalt, who composed deep songs that perfectly go with the reading and brings to life Poe’s atmosphere even further. You can check out his work below.

To back the campaign, or find out more, check out the Kickstarter page.