“Lords Of Chaos” Is All About Black Metal, Horror, and Drama


This is a movie that will provoke laughter and disgust at the same time, starring Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer, and Sky Ferreira. The two-hour story shows the truth behind the black metal music scene back in the ’80s, with scenes taken in Oslo. There is no other way to introduce this, then a black metal drama with lots of bizarre horror scenes.

In a try to make the book named “Lords Of Chaos” more graphic, the brutal scenes were balanced with a touch of humor. The director himself was once a part of a metal band. Jonas Åkerlund had the idea of showing the controversy that followed the Swedish black metal scene. He was the drummer of a band called Bathory, which makes him legit to direct this kind of movie. With having Erik Gordon as one of the producers, the movie had the premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival in January.

The story takes place back in the late 80’s when a group of unsuspecting teenagers decides that it is time to introduce “real black metal music” on the scene. Their unawareness is followed by a complete chaos. The try to become famous has a violent outcome, and Euronymous is the name of the lead character that started it all.

The line between performance and reality is blurred, and soon a chain of unlikely events will follow. Although the shocking events are used as a marketing tool in the battle for publicity, the murder or a gay man and a few church burnings crossed the line. The situation is now out of control, which makes Euronymous reflect about it in a different way. Both impressive and bizarre, the story reveals the outcome of adolescent insecurity and idiocy. The shocking narrative reveals the darkness in the metal world, for which the teens are not aware.

Black metal fans will have to decide if this is the true representation. However, the ones that have the intention to watch a thrilling drama with both funny and scary moments will not be left disappointed.