London Is Hosting It’s First Lovecraft Festival

Vulcanello Productions has announced a celebration of the works of cult American Horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft.

Building on the success of productions such as Hidden Basement’sShadow Over Innsmouth” and Vulcanello’s own genderswitched “Mountains of Madness” at the London Horror Festival, this week-long event showcases seven different shows, including two world premieres, for fans of Cthulu, tentacled horrors, creeping insanity from other dimensions, and other lightly baked elements of the Lovecraft Mythos.

Among the works of Lovecraft adapted for this event are: The Shadow Over Innsmouth (in two versions: one interactive, one comedy), The Thing on the Doorstep, At The Mountains of Madness, and Pickman’s Model. Inspired from the mythos (of things creeping into our world from beyond) is “The Dead, Live;” and for something completely different there is a live, audience-inspired horror improvisational group, “The Society of Strange.” Each show will be on for two performances, except for “The Dead, Live” which is Sunday matinee only.

Participating companies are: The Other Realm, Vulcanello Productions, Hidden Basement Productions, Scytheplays Limited, Raising Ashes Theatre, and Extempore Theater. Each show is approximately one hour long making it easy to have a double-header night of theater.

“The fans made it clear they want more,” says festival founder T..L Wiswell.” Lovecraft is fun to watch on stage. And for people who make theater AND love the mythos, this is a great chance to geek out like there’s no tomorrow. There are several Lovecraft conventions in the US, such as NecronomiCon and CthuluCon … I was sure there was enough support in London to justify six straight nights of this. It’s not really going to get the Donmar audience but we know the fans are out there, occasionally masquerading as a part of human society.”

Head over to the website for more info.

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