This Little Girl’s Halloween Costume Terrified Her Classmates

Momo Lu is a kindergartner from Taiwan, who has become known around the world for her spooky costumes. Last year, Momo Lu scared some of her classmates into crying with her ‘No Face’ costume based on popular anime Spirited Away.

Her mom, Elmo Chen said that she spends ages waiting for the spooky celebration, and her No-Face costume was crazy effective. “When Momo walked into the classroom, no one recognized her,” she told BuzzFeed.

And for Halloween 2017, the spooky kid did not disappoint. She teamed up with sister Miemie to create this scary tribute to Deathnote – playing Ryuk and her sister dressed as L. Among a class of dinosaurs, cowboys and bunnies, everyone should aim to be the little monster girl!