Musician Creates Eerie Arrangement of Lisa’s Theme From Silent Hill Inspired by Insomnia


Cast your mind back to 1995, if you were alive at that point in recent history, to the release of the original Sony Playstation. It was the first truly successful 3D console, and it was among the earliest to boast CD comparable sound.

For the first time, developers could include more detailed tracks in games, with a far wider range of instruments and possibilities than before. Silent Hill was able to take advntage of the new technology and became a game which had a massive impact on the survival horror genre. As well as creepy visuals, it had a fantastic soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka.


Glasgow based musician David Devereux (aka Tin Can Audio) has created an eerie arrangement of Lisa’s Theme from the PS1 classic. He explains:

“This arrangement came out of a bout of insomnia, it’s not the most well produced track I’ve ever made but I think it has the kind of rough, lo-fi quality that made the original so endearing. This theme, from that incredible moment in the first game, is one of the most haunting, melancholy pieces of music I’ve ever heard, and it’s from a PS1 game!

The Silent Hill games, especially the first three, have brilliant soundtracks, I can’t seem to get away from them at the moment. Someone once said Silent Hill isn’t just a game, it’s a feeling. I kind of understand why now.”

Find more music from David on the Tin Can Audio Soundcloud, or follow him on Twitter. We’d also recommend you check out his sci-fi podcast Radio Tin Can.

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