Why Do We Like Watching Horror Movies?

“Do you like horror movies?” Chances are that you do like that kind of entertainment. In fact, you may be somewhat obsessed by these movies. But what drives people to go for such movies which will make them scared rather than chose ones that are less-creepy?

I mean, isn’t it better to laugh at a comedy film or simply get on the edge by watching an action-packed movie? There are several reasons for picking such films. However, the following are the main:

Entertaining and Thrilling

The truth is that horror movies can be entertaining. While they will give you a chill in your spine or leave you gasping for breath, these films are very thrilling. Some people love the suspense they leave you in as you try to figure out what will happen next.

Will the villain catch-up with the culprit or will they be able to deal with evil face in? Will the “Dark overpower “Light” or will the defeated evil rise from the ashes and bring back the terror it previously heard on the people? These are some reasons why these movies are thrilling.

Understanding and Explaining evil

Scare, evil, terror or dreadfulness comes in many forms. An angel of death carrying a trident may scare you or you are more dreadful of the vampire or werewolf. Some people shiver in their boots from seeing a half man, half goat figure while others can’t stand seeing zombies rising from the grave.

In order to understand the different forms of dreadfulness, individuals turn to horror films. They show you new types of evil, which brings a different twist to life. Research indicates that the films have some psychotherapeutic, scientific as well as religious aspects. Watching the movies can give a viewer deeper insights into evil in the society, forensic psychoses, psychological disorders, personality disorders, or social disorders.

Deal with Anxiety

All of us have some period of anxiety. One way some people deal with it is by watching a horror movies. Sigmund Freud, a renowned Austrian neurologist, says that in this day-and-age of enlightenment, many people steak answers to unexplainable things.

They want to know how a ghost looks like, what vampires appear like, what may trigger contact with the paranormal and more. He further says that majority of the people are not very free from “infantile anxiety.” They will still experience silence, loneliness, and the best way they deal with this is through watching a scary movie.

In Conclusion

There you go- the main reasons why people love scary films. According to Zee News, horror or scary movies are one of the three main categories, which include thriller and melodrama. And while they may give you the creeps, they seem to excite some people more than the others.

They appeal to people of all ages and their popularity seems to be rising by the day. This is evident from the many releases as well as the positive reviews they get from consumers and movie critics. So, which horror movies are your favorites?