Check Out Liam Irons’ Stylised Horror Artwork



We hope some of our readers are already fans of Liam Irons, after seeing his artwork on the covers of several issues of the Popcorn Horror magazine. Liam is also the talented designer of the logo for our Disability in Horror Month campaign. He began studying Creative Industries at Kelvin College in September 2015 and started displaying his work with The Unexpected Artist gallery in St Enochs Centre, Glasgow in February 2016.



His style embodies comic books and graphic novel inspirations, with some clever horror twists. There’s lots of small lines and details that make his monsters pop off the page. Irons has also taken inspiration from classic horror movies, with work featuring Leatherface, the Xenomorph and Freddy Krueger. Here are some of Liam’s horror pieces, and some of the fantastic work he has produced for Popcorn Horror.

Head over to his website for prints, and to check out more artwork.









Disability in Horror Month logo

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Popcorn Horror magazine covers

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