Let’s see if You Can Sit Through These Horror Movies

We’ve all heard the tough guys say that…..

No scary movie can scare them!”

“Scary movies are just movies.”


“Scary movies just go about the same way. Boring!”


Well, anyone who claims a scary movie has never scared them is probably lying because some of them are so excellent in materializing our fears that they are bound to keep us up for a few nights at least. 

If you are brave enough to sit through the following movies alone, they will forever change your definition of fear. You can download these movies using your high-speed internet connection from Charter Spectrum, or better yet, find them on your favorite TV channels in the Spectrum channel lineup.

The Shining

Not every horror movie needs a scary face to go with it to make sure it gives us the chills. Sometimes the greatest fear that can become your nightmare fuel is the loneliness and quietness around you. That is what the Shinning capitalizes on, but that doesn’t mean there is any lack of supernatural beings in this movie. It is the work of Stephen King after all. He keeps you wondering until the very end if true evil stems from malevolent spirits or disturbed minds that have slipped into insanity.

Silence of the Lambs

Whenever we think of a monster, our mind conjures up an image of an unearthly, inhumane creature, gnawing on everything that it comes across. Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of Hannibal Lecter is every bit unearthly and inhumane as a monster can be, but what makes this monster stand out is that he is apparently a man walking among us.

The movie is a gruesome yet stark reminder of how horrifying a psychologically disturbed mind can be, much scarier than those legends of creatures lurking inside your closet.


This is more of a story than a work of fiction, which is what makes it even scarier. A family moving into a haunted house in the middle of the countryside is all too familiar horror trope that we can possibly think of, but the fact that these events actually took place and are documented by the world’s most authentic paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren is a constant reminder how scary the real world can be. 

From the spine chilling direction brought to life by James Wan, The Conjuring (the original and its series) is a modern movie that you surely cannot watch in a room, all by yourself.

Get Out

Besides ghosts, spirits, ghouls, and monsters, we have to remember that the thing we need to fear most is human nature itself. Jordan Peele’s directorial debut in Get Out shows exactly how vulnerable we are to our fellow humans with sinister intentions. It focuses on how the society is inevitably plagued with evils of racism and sadism, and how easily one can fall into the trap of the scariest beings out there.


Some secrets are best left buried. Unfortunately, the Graham family couldn’t say the same when they uncover the horrendous secrets of their recently deceased grandmother. 

The setting of this movie is very subtle and slow but the blood-curdling horror unfolds right beneath the surface as the movie tackles the reality of devil worship and occult practices in the modern world. What makes it even harder to sit through is the stunning performance by the cast as they depict the terror of the family, which must accept their evil heritage.

The Exorcist

This list cannot be complete without the movie that challenged viewers to sit through it alone in an empty theatre for a reward. The Exorcist continues to haunt viewers to date for a number of reasons. Firstly, because the environment set by the movie is immensely chilling; so chilling that you would actually reach out for your blanket during certain scenes. The imagery of the stages of exorcism depicted in the movie is the first of its kind and still the scariest.

In a Nutshell

Sitting through a scary movie is nothing less than a challenge that not everyone is brave enough to accept.

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Let’s see if you’re tough enough to sit through any one of the movies that we’ve mentioned above because, seriously, if you can sit through these, then we assume that you are truly fearless.