Leomark Studios New Horror Draws on Community

Leomark Studios is taking a “web page” out of bigger producers’ books with its IndieGoGo campaign for CALCULATING EUPHORIA, which is live until May 14.

CALCULATING EUPHORIA is a psychological thriller about two best friends on the road to Hollywood, starring Zach Tinker (Murder in the First, Dear Diary I Died) and James Nitti (Dragons of Camelot, Locating Silver Lake). Leomark’s IndieGoGo campaign has multiple goals: raise seed funds, tap into the existing horror/thriller fanbase, build an audience for the movie, and attract more investors.

Known for distributing popular horror titles like STAR LEAF, THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP, THE LAUGHING MASK, and the just-released PSYCHOS, the producer/distributor is ready to produce its own horror baby.


“The beauty of this script is that we can make it on a tiny budget because it’s all about the characters and the acting,” says Leomark co-founder Maria Collis. “This is the ideal project for Leomark. It lets us showcase the great quality we can produce with passion, limited funds and a talented team. That’s the heart and soul of indie filmmaking for us. And that’s why crowdfunding is a perfect fit: It’s all about the community supporting the arts.”

According to director Richard Marks, “Five actors play 17 different roles in three storylines that intertwine and merge for the climax. It’s a directing challenge and an acting challenge. It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

“This script is an actor’s dream,” says producer Pamela Staton, a casting director and former marketing executive for Disney and other studios. Staton fielded requests from the agents and managers of 1100 actors when she put out a call to audition the two lead roles in December. “I cut the list down to 44 super actors, and it was a really tough choice. But Zach and James will make this a movie that film students will study for years to come.”


“We’ve been selling and distributing movies since 2011,” says Leomark CEO Erik Lundmark. “Before that, we worked for years in production and post-production. We know what’s good and what sells, and CALCULATING EUPHORIA is both.”

Inspired by successful crowdfunding projects like Shout Factory’s recent MYSTERY SCIENCE 3K reboot, along with similar tactics used by platforms like Fandor to create original content, Leomark is creating “pre-awareness” for CALCULATING EUPHORIA through social media.

Leomark, which is distributing the film as well as producing it, hopes to raise $30,000 of its $120K budget by campaign’s end on May 14. For more information, visit the film’s IndieGoGo page.