This Lady’s Witchy Obituary Has Gone Viral

Newspaper obituaries generally follow a formula. Traditionally they will give the date of passing, information on the deceased persons surviving family, and arrangements for funerals. They have a sombre, formal tone and usually say little about the person’s character or personality.

This alternative obituary has gone viral because it is the complete opposite to these traditions. Holly Blair, who identified as a witch, sadly passed away in August. Although she wasn’t famous during her lifetime, thousands of people have viewed her memorial and lamented not knowing the fascinating woman.

“Holly Blair exploded into glitter and bats on Aug. 17, 2020. She is survived by four spoiled cats, two stinky dogs, three bad birds, a turtle, and an utterly useless frog named Fred, as well as three children and a husband of little to no importance. Her remains will be interred under a tree with the ridiculous multitude of animals she rescued, both wild and domestic,” the obituary reads.

“Her future plans include drinking beer with Terry Pratchett and flying across the moon on her broomstick on Halloween. She has also promised to communicate with us from the beyond via the cockatiel psyche. We ask that everyone carve extra jack-o’-lanterns on Halloween this year in her honor. All hail the wicked witch of Juniper Road!”

People across the world have pledged to carve a pumpkin in her memory this Halloween. Many have also left messages paying tribute to Holly and wishing her family and friends well.

Do you think a creative obituary makes death less frightening? What would you want included in your memorial?