RJ Bayley Reviews: Krueger: Another Tale from Elm Street


It would be unfair to entirely review writer/director Chris R. Notarile’s Krueger: Another Tale from Elm Street on it being a single film. It doesn’t sit alone, it’s a sequel to his 2011 short Krueger: A Tale From Elm Street and is the second in his several-part Krueger series. As such it offers a very short snapshot from the life of everyone’s favourite Elm Street eviscerator.

“Life” is the key word here. What Another Tale from Elm Street does is take us back to Freddy’s life before he was burned by the parents of Elm Street. In this short we see Freddy trick a little girl, Suzy (Breanna Lakatos) into his car. What Another Tale from Elm Street does that creatively elevates it above many other fan films, however, is actually quite simple. Another Tale from Elm Street shows us another side to a well known character that’s always been in the shared fan consciousness. And yet hasn’t really been explored over the course of a whole nine movies.

What makes Freddy the perfect character for this treatment is the fact that not only do we get to see a pre-death, vengeful spirit Pizza Face, but Freddy was a serial killer before he died, so the film is able to operate as a slice of horror absolutely in it’s own right.

Roberto Lombardi is very well cast as Freddy and frankly should get the role in any non-Englund future official iteration. He and Notarile get Englund’s original, subtler paedophilic characterisations right. Only a real fan would be spot on in that regard, instead of the 2010 reboot’s characteristic equivalent of shouting “HE’S A PAEDO! HE’S A PAEDO! PAEDO! PAEDO!” over and over in the audience’s face.

Krueger is vastly superior to the 2010 reboot, and even a couple of sequels. We horror fans should regard this as canon, studio approved or not. Another Tale From Elm Street is good in the way that only a fan film could be. It’s time film critics started taking fan films seriously.


My rating for this film is for this installment and is less than I’d award to the full series.