Comically Mabacre Horror Sculptures

Do you love classic monsters, B Movies and cartoons? You’ll want to take a look at the work of sculptor Adam “kreaturekid” Dougherty, whose favorite subjects are the Universal Monsters and low budget sci-fi creatures. Dougherty is a sculptor at Walt Disney Imagineering, but in his free time prefers darker subjects, explaining “I’ve been into the classic monsters, the Creature from the Black Lagoon especially, for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching the old classic films, and gained a great appreciation for their originality and the creativity of Bud Westmore, along with many of the other incredibly talented people behind the scenes.” [Suvudu]

Adam’s work comprises of latex masks, busts, large scale, small scale, and even cartoon characters of the monsters. His sculptures, as well as being horror influenced, can depict super heroes, dinosaurs, female figures. Dougherty also remodels the design of horror characters in order to create his unique, caricature style. Find out more on his blog or check out some of his pieces below.






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