Krampus Scare Attraction Set To Reopen for Christmas 2019

The terrifying haunted house attraction inspired by the legend of Krampus is set to reopen for selected US dates this festive season. The scary experience features the legendary Christmas beast, and his nightmarish army of spooky elves.

The parent company, Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, is a Halloween-themed entertainment company behind several haunted houses across the USA. The company currently produces haunted houses in more than a dozen locations.

The team explain on their website; “We’ve taken our world famous haunted house and brought in a whole new theme, Haunted Christmas. With a backstory of a Christmas Demon, Krampus, coming into the house to snatch up all the little girls and boys, we have reinvented your favorite haunted house.”

Set design teams have changed the haunted house to resemble your sweetest holiday memories. Professional makeup artists have reworked your favorite Christmas characters into your worst nightmare. Costume designers take the season’s classic garb and give it a grimacing twist.”

This year sees a brand new addition to the line up of creepy characters – the menacing Jack Frost. Participants are tasked with finding various clues within the haunted house; which is lavishly decorated with twisted versions of Christmas visuals. It also features a haunted holiday bar, axe throwing games, and a maze game which takes place completely in the dark.

You can find out more about the attractions at the official website.

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