This Festival Sees The Biggest Krampus Gathering in the World


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It’s getting closer to Christmas, but Santa isn’t the only thing coming to town. Every year in Austria, over a thousand Krampus figures descend upon the streets to terrify the local children.


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The Krampuslauf festival took place this weekend in Hollabrunn, with the traditional ‘Krampus Run’ in the town’s market square. Their costumes are as realistic as can be, often made of real sheep or goat skins, spine-chilling wooden masks featuring rotted teeth, with large cowbells dangling from the waist.


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Unlike Santa Claus, Krampus does not deliver treats to good boys and girls. According to folklore, Krampus punishes the bad children by beating them and tossing them into a cage he carries around on his back. He was also said to use a basket or bathtub to drag sinful children to the depths of hell.


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Although an Alpine European tradition though to pre-date Christianity, Krampus has only become a well known figure throughout the rest of the world in the past decade – in part due to several horror films being released which were inspired by the folklore.


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Apparently Krampus revelers might have taken the tradition a bit too far this year, as apparently five people were injured by the costumed demons whips!


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