Know These 10 Horror Games of All the Time

For those of us who enjoy the horror experience, there are plenty of video games that you can play that will get your adrenaline, or force you to sleep with lights on. With more improved graphics, the horror genres are becoming more popular with a wide range of terror-filled titles avlailable for today’s gamers.

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Through a creative combination of narrative, plain shock factor and the surrounding, the scariest video games have one thing in common – they are designed to scare the heart out of you. Irrespective of what scares you, game developers have created all sorts and manner of really terrifying and spine chilling games with some element of fun for you. Grab your dxracer doh gaming chair, ready to unleash the tension-packed in the following 10 horror games of all time.

Dead Space

The perfect blend of action and horror makes Dead Space one of the scariest game of all time. The game is set up in a mining starship that is overrun by aliens turning all human occupants into powerful creatures, Necromorphs. The creatures don’t go down with a simple bullet to their brains, and even with the high-tech weapons to dismember them, you never know when they slide from the ceiling or suddenly appear on the open corridor. The solitude of Isaac Clarke and the unpredictive nature is just enough to fill the entire starship with tension.

Resident Evil 7

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Unlike the previous titles of the series, Resident Evil 7 adopts a slower but a methodical approach that results in more terrifying sessions. Ethan has to swim through serious trouble with only a few and far between bullets. Coining the dark settings and the slow pace gives the players quite a terrifying experience. If you dread more scare, you could try playing with a VR gadget

The Evil Within

A 2017 hit, the Evil Within 2 is an improvement of the original release in all ways. You play as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective who goes back to STEM, a wholly unpredictable and horror-filled world. Take your chance to survive in the open world filled with all frights and secrets amid several external threats. The Evil Within 2 is not a joke, but if you can withstand both depressing and terrifying moments, this is a perfect fit.

We Are Happy Few

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The game takes you back to 1964, just after World War II. You fill the shoes of Downer who boycotts to take the drug that the population is taking to forget the horrible things they have done in the past. On the contrary, the drug only makes them more inhuman and capable of committing unspeakable horror and brutal acts. Endure the Orwellian dystopia and psychotic population to complete the mission.


Ever dark and full of anxiety, Bloodborne is one of the games that will give you true nightmares both on and off the play. Though not too disturbing, the dark and demon souls can take you down in a blink, adding more tension and terror factor into the game.

Metro: Last Night

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Metro: Last Light effectively mixes survival horror, stealth and FPS in a way that terrifies you to the nuts. The game is set in the dark tunnels of Moscow Metro System filled with armed mutants, deranged humans and shadow figures that you must conquer to complete your mission. The flashing lights and hallucinations creatively make the play such a horrific experience.


In the hostile open world, nothing will instil more heart-stopping tension than DayZ. Unlike other horror games which involve Zombies, the greatest fear here is the unpredictability nature of other humans. The aspect of permanent death and lack of adequate resources together with the barbaric design makes DayZ one of the scariest and stressful game for any gamer.

Silent Hill 2

One of the horror classics that stands out owing to its psychological elements that mess with your mind during play. James has to navigate through the town where suddenly the Silent Hill becomes a dreamscape full of monster and intriguing disturbances. The frightening turns of events do not only creep you out but also give you a sleepless night once you exit the game.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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You are back to 1830s and taking the place of Daniel who only can remember his name, his home and his quest. With no combat weapons, you have to run hide in dark places to evade the monsters. Unfolding your past in the Castle amidst the menacing creature is a task for your brain and psychological peace during and even hours after the game.

Out Last 2

Just like the predecessor of the series, the Out Last 2 is a survival horror title and one of the greatest in the horror genre. The play involves controlling a character who cannot fight but relies on hiding for survival. Take on the challenge to investigate an area vested with disturbing discoveries and get out alive.


If you are just a fun of horror entertainment, the above ten games will give you a true taste of what you are after.

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