Did You Know That NY Has A Spooky Tim Burton Themed Bar?

If you come across Jack Skellington or Edward Scissorhands walking the streets of New York, they’re probably headed to this themed bar created by Zach Neil.

Neil filled The Beetle House with vintage chandeliers, shrunken heads, tombstones and Civil war-era medical equipment in order to re-create the aesthetics of Tim Burton’s films. In doing so, he created a hangout for fans of the director and those who like a little spook with their cocktails.

“The idea was simple. Create a space where people who love Halloween, horror films, and gothic dark music can gather for a meal and drinks. A safe space where it really feels like Halloween all year round and people can come and enjoy good food, good drinks, listen to good music, and feel completely comfortable to be as freaky as they want to be. This would be my home for the freaks, weirdos, and grown up goth kids of the city.” Zach Neil explained.

As well as drinks, the venue is also a restaurant with appropriate menu items, including ‘Cheshire Mac and Cheese’ and ‘Fleet Street Salad’.

Although Tim Burton wasn’t involved with the setup, his publicist has been in contact with the bar for future promotions. “We’ve never had the privilege of meeting him, but now we have a place where his fans gather in New York,” said Neil.

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