Did You Know That Michael Myers Starred in a Bizarre Young Adult Novel Series?

Michael Myers might have started out as the boogeyman to fear on Halloween night, but he underwent a little known transition in the early 90s to the world of teen fiction.

Kelly O’Rourke is a writer who, in the late 1990s, wrote three Halloween novels. They weren’t officially licenced, and they had no connection with the movie events other than the appearance of Michael Myers. The series was more aimed at targeting kids who were reading Goosebumps rather than fans of John Carpenter’s work.

The books in the series are The Scream FactoryHalloween: The Old Myers Place, and The Mad House. With cover art that definitely came from the 90s, the books are now considered somewhat rare and collectible.

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‘The Scream Factory’ follows a group of friends who set up a haunted house attraction in the basement of Haddonfield City Hall, only to be stalked and killed by Michael Myers while they are there. In ‘The Old Myers Place’ a new family moves into the Myers residence. Predictably, Michael comes home and starts to stalk them. ‘The Mad House’ told the tale of filmmakers who, in order to make a documentary, must stay overnight in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, where Michael was incarcerated for fifteen years. Of course, Myers makes a return as they begin shooting. All of the books had plenty of 90s references thrown in alongside a large dose of teen drama.

They are hilariously dramatic in places, with quotes including:

We’ll transform you into a sex kitten.” “Yeah! Make me look like Pamela Anderson!

“A truce? Me call a truce with someone who’s wearing last season’s clothes? Get real! I hate you, Sally. In fact, I’m going to dedicate the rest of the semester to making your life a living hell. Be afraid! Be very afraid!” 

“Her comment hit him like a kick in the crotch.”

“Michael Myers stood at the top of the staircase, holding a rusted gasoline can in one hand and a burning jack-o’-lantern in the other. Hell had arrived.” 

The books are long out of print, so you’ll have search the second hand market to get hold of them if you want to read more.

Maybe we’ll take a look at Freddy and Jason’s teen novel appearances at a later date…


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