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Why there are so many horror movies released every month and why are there so many horror rooms in every amusement park? The answer is one: because people like to get afraid. We love that adrenaline rush and that fantastic feeling of relief when everything is over. The horror movies can be too scary but with horror-themed slots you all the time have the ultimate balance of horror and fun as no one wants to frighten you so terribly that you can’t roll the reels. While the scary slots are joined by the common eerie atmosphere, there are several different characters these online casino games might be dedicated to. Though playing the horror slot, you can easily fall into the monster’s trick, meet the group of not-so-friendly-looking zombies or try to avoid the maniac’s hole. In case that’s too much for you, there are always weird but funny slots with bright, cute beasts and cheerful sounds, as you can find at

The first reason to play horror-themed slots is their carefully created atmosphere. The good quality spooky slot will meet you with the chilling intro video clip and creepy music that will send you shivers up and down. The game colors usually are dark, and the game symbols look like various kind of ghosts, monsters or killing weapons. Several modern games possess the energetic game symbols and spooky bonus rounds that can bring you extra money or free spins. It’s really cool to get the winning, but it’s even cooler when you wrest it from the vampire’s grasp,
The Universal studio-licensed casino slot is themed on the famous movie of Dr. Frankenstein and his weird monster. The slot is notable for its detailed high-end graphics and excellent features such as Lightning and Fire Wilds. NetEnt is the king of horror slots, and their next game Zombies is even more frightful than the Frankenstein. We don’t suggest playing this game when you are home alone as you can get terrified when the unique features such as Random Wilds appear on the screen. The perfect soundtracks make the environment of the real horror movie, and you won’t feel safe until you get your first wins.

Following are The Best Horror-Themed Slots:

1. Frankenstein: In association with Universal Pictures, this game brings the creepy, yet confused man who was formed by the sin Dr. Frankenstein in a laboratory. You decide the combination of betting lines and coin values to make each spin just as impressive as you require. Matching spooky characters and symbols might give you the heebie-jeebies, but it can also earn you coins! The gameplay is old but with a colorful and creative twist that reinvents the online slot game. Frankenstein creates a shady and gloomy environment that keeps you right in the heart of Dr. Frankenstein’s old castle laboratory. The music is also well-composed and perfectly matches the theme.

2. Dracula Slot: This Slot is a nice take on the classic movie. The first thing that welcomes you as a player is the stern-looking, life-like tale of Dracula sitting beside the slot. Continually twiddling his fingers politely, yet gangster-like way, observing your every spin. Another cool thought about this slot is the bat feature. The result of this is Dracula randomly turning into a colony of bats, who fly across your gameplay center and drop blessed droppings of Dracula Stacked symbols that improve your probabilities of winning. In the bonus game, the Dracula-Bat nexus pays you with Free Spins.

The background music is comfy; it is a compelling, yet scary sound. It is neither too dark nor too light, just pure for you to continue playing. There classic symbols, like 10, J, Q, K, and so forth. This game features wilds, stacked wilds, scatter symbols as well as Bonus Symbol. Worth your time, if you are a vampire lover. It is no surprise NetEnt decided to adjust the movie into a slot machine!

3. Blood Suckers Slot: Calling all Vampire Hunters! This is an opportunity to use your coveted abilities, to earn a living for your family. Enter the terrifying gangland of vampires, but make sure to be careful as you don’t want to have frightened bat colonies destroying your goals! This game features 25 paylines and is intended in a 5×3 reel fashion. The most exciting part about the game is the bonus game, where you get to use your vampire slaying skills.
You are taken into an old vampire burial site and given a chance to attack tombs, looking for vampires to hit. Look out for graves with bat colonies, because those stop your opportunities, and take you back to the base game. The bonus symbols are, bloodied picks and axes, and get yourself three of those, continuously on the reels; you get access to the burial site. This starts quickly. Scatter symbols are offensive, lovelorn brides-to-be. If you earn three or more scatters, you get access to Free Spins, in which your winnings get tripled. Unluckily, these multipliers do not implement to the bonus game! Vampire blood is said to be delicious than honey. Are you out for delicious winnings?

4. Full Moon Fortune Slot: A fabulous creation, Dr. Blackwood influences from an attack by a werewolf. He now is half-man, half wolf. No, this is not a rip-off of any of the Twilight. This game, we like, because it has excellent multipliers. 25x, on every Free Spin, to be exact. That potential evokes a feeling of terror over players. A good horror that is. Full Moon Fortunes, which claims Dr. Blackwood as Wild, is set in the backdrop of dense, blackened, moonlit groves. The potential to have great success in this game is something worth howling about.

5. Halloween Fortune: An ideal slot to play at any time, but the best around Halloween time is the high looking Halloween Fortune slot, for this one owns a Witches Brew bonus round on which you will be creating a special drink in return for a cash award whenever the bonus symbols spin in, a base game jackpot of 10,000 coins make this slot very interesting!
Do you like magic experiences and thrilling stories? Halloween Fortune slot online free will undoubtedly catches your attention! This dark slot has five reels and 20 pay-lines that will make you a affluent master of good prizes! Mysterious features of colorful symbols in the manner of beautiful and tempting Witches astonish everyone.
You will see on your reels beautiful Witches, scary Skull, Black Cat and Pink Potion. The top prize of this slot for free no download is 10,000 coins. It can be hit by catching 5 Lanterns that act as Wild icons on the reels. Scarring sound effects make the slot scarier. The main point of the game is the walking symbols. It appears as soon as winning combos appear on the one payline. There is a free spin bonus, which you can get in the Bonus game.

6. Wild Blood Slot: A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead walk into a bar… No. But we wouldn’t criticize you for thinking along such lines, at first look. Wild Blood is a great slot that takes place in some mysterious woods, scattered with bloodthirsty creatures, themselves involved. The ultimate aim of this slot is to find the antidote, a bottle of blood, to convert these vampire girls to normal humans, again. The bonus game is initiated by striking three bottles of blood continuously. Scatter symbol is the “Wild Blood” logo itself. The Wild is a devilishly good-looking vampire. He replaces for all symbols, Free Spin, Scatter symbols and bar the Bonus. 15 paylines is not the best incentive, but it surely is not the worst.

7. Zombirthday Slot: This Zombie-themed slot has a very charming and relaxed feel to it. Not too wicked, it surely goes down as one of the lighter zombie or undead-themed games. But, nobody likes a frightening party. That’s an oxymoron, “Frightening party.” The soundtrack is groovy. Playtech nailed the song option there. Before you enter the base game, you are welcomed by tombstones of information, describing the Wild and Scatter symbols and their advantages. The Wild, the Green Zombie works as a replacement for all symbols, with a chance to increase your winnings. The Scatter, the smurf-like party girl… if you get three or her, or more, she provides you Free Spins. To renew the deal, your winnings can also be trebled on the Free Spins rounds. This game does offer a meager ten paylines, though. It is a 5×3 reel game. The number symbols, which start at 9, do provide some solace in that, they reward you every time. If you would like a casino slot that is clear on the mind, pockets, and awards, this is the fun to be at! Spend time at the Night of the Living Dead.

8. Paranormal Activity Slot: As with Dracula, this game is a great adaptation of the horror movie. We do suggest that you watch the movie first, before playing the slot machine because you will be capable of understanding the game better. The soundtrack to this game is eerie. It extracts that familiar horror-movie feeling. We examined this during the day, and still couldn’t walk downstairs without being frightened! With a scatter symbol that is a holed hand, and a demon-possessed girl as the Wild, this game rate up there as one of the creepiest. The bonus symbols are a blend of the possessed girl, a glowing green thing, and a bright blue “x” symbol. Not sure what to do of it, but creative anyway. The game has excellent bonus features as well, from Free Spins to big pay-outs on your award, from the scatter symbol. The animated graphics are not the greatest quality but do make for a pleasant playing experience. iSoftBet performed well with this slot. This game is a 5×3 reel, and claims 243 Ways to win, per spin! You can win up to 120,000 coins.

9. Bloodlines Slot: It is one of the excellent games in its section. Most other games of this kind give a blood-thickening 25 paylines, and there are 100 paylines. This game surely is the antitoxin to that, in that it lowers your blood pressure. Set in a mysterious, abandoned and eerie city, this game has genuinely scared you. To keep controlling family secrets, you are asked to go beyond that and discover the truth of what lies within this family. In doing so, be aware of the risks that you face: bloodthirsty vampires amongst other things. With scatter symbols, free spins, and wilds, this game is one to remember. You are assured to be paid, should you survive your approach to finding out family puzzles!

10. Blood Lore Vampire Clan Slot: Go down your teeth into blood, to defend your clan’s honor. Blood is like water in this slot. As a werewolf, your job is to beat the Vampire Queen and her group and put a point to this centuries-long battle, by proving who is top dog. Set inside the Vampire Queen’s mansion, with weird, golden lamps as your only source of light, the venture is not for the faint of heart. The mutters of her past kill lead you like the backing path, to this game. The first source of attack which you ought to avoid is shots, from vintage guns. Do this by spinning three or more scatters, birds in the moonlight which transform into wolves. After which, you win Extra Spins games. You are further rewarded by having your prize rates tripled, at this point. If you are fortunate enough to reach the Queen and kill her, her Wild appears, your prizes are multiplied up to 6x! Are you up for the dare? This 5×3 reel has 20 paylines!

11: Attack of the Zombies Online Slot: This zombie-themed game is assured to give you chills down your spine. With its creepy background music being a mixture of cool guitar and sounds of isolated islands, yelling wolfs, neglected birds, and wild winds, this game guarantees to keep you on the end of your chair. With high-quality graphics of pretty women and fairly nice reels of zombies, this game is fun. Pierced zombies are the norm in these slots. With brains as wilds, and purple demons as bonus symbols, this game sticks true to the zombie theme. Multipliers, free spins, and bonus rounds make it valuable to become a zombie! Rise with the dead, take over the world.

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