Know Your Enemy: Xenomorph


Grand Rapids, Michigan-based art director and illustrator Ryan Brinkerhoff of Bandito Design Co. has created Know your enemy: Xenomorph, an art print inspired by the classic Aliens. Brinkerhoff designed his piece for the Crazy 4 Cult 8 art show.

The artist explained: “The design process started with loose sketches. I wanted the design to fit in with the 80s vision of the future, so that meant 45 degree angles! Notched out corners on everything! The content I decided to include consisted of weapons, xeno life-cycle, and xeno physiology. This poster is intended to resemble something that Weyland-Yutani would pass out to the Colonial Marines as preparation for their mission. After all, it was a little more to handle than your average bug hunt.”

Check out more detail from the fantastic poster below.




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