Klyph R’ha Ben Sun

Klyph R’ha Ben Sun is creating horror themed LEGO photography for Popcorn Horror. Klyph R’ha Ben Sun was born in an cloning facility deep in the bowels of the earth and immigrated to the surface in his early childhood.  Klyph studied theater and art in high school and started building “Objets d′art” at age sixteen. Despite his creators wanting him to become a normal person, Klyph majored in art and advertising at Johnson County area vocational tech school in the not so great state of Kansas. After leaving a self induced exile in the mid 90′s, he joined an underground Steampunk movement as well as local zombie walks and other undead events . Klyph has also spent time creating props for local films, photographers, theater and many haunted attractions. In his latest incarnation Klyph has discovered the amazing world of LEGO. With the help of his one and only spawn he has been turning tiny bits of plastic into darkly humorous photos depicting everything from Alien invaders to Zombies.

When not geeking it up with his son and wife of fifteen years, Klyph can be spotted shambling about town in his now home (Medford Oregon) looking rather dead on his feet.