Killer Shed Horror Film Seeking Kickstarter Support

Blood Shed artwork

In the vein of hilariously titled horror movies like Death Bed: The Bed That Eats and The Killer Shrews, here’s a tongue in cheek horror-comedy sure to terrify gardeners! Currently seeking funding via KickstarterBlood Shed is centred on Jack – a frugal man building his own shed – which has the unique ability to eat people.

The film stars Sally Phillips (comedy icon from the Bridget Jones films, Smack the Pony, Pride & Prejudide & Zombies, and HBO’s Veep), and Shaun Dooley (The Woman in Black, Eden Lake, Broadchurch, Gunpowder, Red Riding trilogy, Misfits).

Blood Shed storyboard panel 2 by Andy W Clift

James Moran, co-writer and director, will already be familiar to many fans of the horror and comedy genre through his writing on the movies SeveranceCockneys vs Zombies and Tower Block.

Moran says, “I’ve always loved 80s horror, and I’m really excited to unleash our evil beast. For years, we’ve seen people getting killed in or near cabins and outhouses, but we’ve never seen a shed itself actually doing the killing – until now!”

Head over to Kickstarter to support the film and find out more.