Killer Clowns Are Back With ‘Crispy’s Curse’


2016’s creepy clown sighting phenomenon might have faded into obscurity – but for those suffering coulrophobia, it’s probably not quite safe to go back outside. The IT remake might be the big budget clown offering of this year, but the indie horror scene offers it’s own terrifying looking face-paint-wearing slasher.

Crispy’s Curse is a horror/slasher/comedy film from John Williams that follows the murderous habits of a charming and mesmerising clown as he strikes from the dead to continue his deathly games. The film was made on a budget of £17,000 and took 2 months to shoot.


Hot on his trail are a group of paranormal investigators (spirit hunters international team), Messiah Fist (A Christian heavy metal band on a mission from God) and Alon Baptiste ( A powerful spirit medium and destroyer of dark energys) . These are closely followed by 2 small town detectives by the names of Pope and Moss, forever inappropriate with an undeserved swagger.

 Crispy’s Curse stars Darren McAree, Pete Bennet, Derek Acorah, Daniel Alexander, Kate Cubley. Check out the trailer below.