Kickstarter Campaign: Help us continue to support indie horror!

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We’re really excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign. As regular visitors and supporters will know, our goal has always been to unearth the best grassroots horror content from across the web and deliver it to the horror masses in a fun and engaging way. We dedicate ourselves to creating meaningful ways to help the people behind the content create more of the stuff we love by actively supporting and promoting independent horror. We know that mainstream, especially Hollywood horror has been underwhelming in recent years, and we really want to provide a community that offers an alternative.

Everyone involved in Popcorn Horror is a lifelong horror fan, and we are 100% happy to fund and spend as much time as possible on Popcorn Horror. But the cost of running the channel itself ties up a lot of funds that we’d like to put towards improving Popcorn Horror, running competitions and events, and getting more people involved in our community.

We’ve set out some awesome rewards for backing the campaign, including T Shirts, Posters, eBooks, promotion for horror projects/individuals and more. Even if you’re unable to donate, we’d still really appreciate you sharing the campaign with other horror fans.

Below is a breakdown of the reward packages we have available on the campaign. Find out more on Kickstarter.






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