Ketchup Suicide


Morten Bak is a resident of Denmark – Copenhagen, who has attended different art and multimedia schools around Denmark. He is a multi-faceted artist whose work includes: concept/coloring, computer game character design/concept art/background, art/coloring, freelance CD covers, book covers. Morten’s ability to work in a variety of styles and media stem from his desire to create a look and feel to his art that is his alone.

Morten’s interest in art stems back to his childhood. He was a huge fan of comic books and Warhammer, and copy the covers of He-Man and Ninja Turtles. He didn’t actually play Warhammer, but he painted many of the figures. His Father and Grandfather were talented artists, and he explains “it’s been natural to draw all the time with them around me, and while other people stopped later on in school I just kept going.

Horror has always been a fascinating subject for him, in his words “It’s just pretty and I find I can do more with the subject.” His horror obsession began young too, with an early fascination with vampires – he believes drawing on a desire to live forever.



Morten is also a long-time fan of horror games, and explains that horror “just comes easier than many other subejct, and it’s fun and can be very beautiful also. The horror subject just gets my imagination going much faster, it’s easy for me to come up ideas for those kind of pictures and I enjoy it a lot more than most other subjects. I also have a little knife fetish, and that kind of shows in my pictures, I never use guns in any picture I do, always knifes, it’s just a more personal way to kill in my mind”

We asked him about his favourite horror movies, and he explained his fascination with Asian horror. “I have a weak spot for Japanese horror movies (and I really dislike the American remakes of them, just learn to read subtitles, the originals are the best). I remember seeing The Ring in 1998 and just falling in love with it, and then when reading up on it I stumbled upon an Asian movie forum with lists of all kinds of Asian horror movies and then I was hooked. The Japanese movie Dark Water is probably my favorite of all the Asian movies.” His other favourites include Dead Snow, REC, Nightmare on Elm Street, Wild Zero, Saw, Poltergeist and Alien.

As is Popcorn Horror tradition, we asked him to detail his zombie survival strategy.

“My zombie survival plan would be in the lines of, quickly meeting up with friends and family , making sure everybody had knifes/swords/baseball bats etc (guns are hard to get in Denmark) and no open body areas that’s easy to bite or get scratches. Then getting the hell out of the city, finding a truck or a bus that’s strong enough to plow through several bodies at the same time.

Then raid a supermarket for canned goods, clean water, gas containers for cooking and stuff like that, then move on to a pharmacy/hospital and raid it for different kinds medicine, so we would have supplies for a long time.

We would then move on down to the ocean and find a boat (ideally a sailboat, so not to have to worry about fuel) then sail to a small island (there are many small islands around Denmark so shouldn’t be hard to find a good one) zombies can’t swim so they won’t be able to get to us, and the whole walking on ocean floor won’t work, ever tried that? You just float up. Then the current take them back to shore. Or if a small percent get out to sea, their rotten flesh will over time dissolve in the long stay in water, also probably get slowly eaten by fish Hehe.

Alternatively get on a plane fly to Nepal or Tibet live high on a mountain (I’ve never heard of mountain zombies)  :p”

To contact Morten, or to see more of his art, you can write or visit: