Confronting taboos with horror artwork

We love these beautiful images created to tackle societal taboos, as well as explore religious mythology. Julie Filion is a 22 year old art history student from Norway. She is also a freelance artist, taking commissions as well as studying. Art is what she is most passionate about. It’s always been a huge part of her life, and she explains “I want it to be for the rest of my life”. She generally works with watercolours and ink, but also does some oil and pencil pieces. Besides art, Julie loves learning about religion, psychology, medicine, history and conspiracy theories. She explains her work as “I think it’s easier to describe myself though my art. I never been good with words, but I usually express myself more visually. My opions, views and feelings are shown through my art. Induvidualism is an important theme in my art, especially my series called “Nuclear Winter”. Through this series I want to show that you never should loose your inner child and become a slave to the society. People would consider my art as dark and macabre, but through the darker things is where I find inspiration. There’s beauty in everything, even the most grotesque. In my series where I focusing on taboos like the paintings named “Lovers” and “Lovers 2″ I want to combine beauty and ugliness. I want the viewer to look at the picture and see beauty but at the same time turn away because the painting also makes them uncomfortable”.

Find out more about Julie’s work on her DeviantART page.

horror art taboos - lovers


horror art taboos - lovers 2

Lovers II, this series is focused on taboos – in this case necrophilia 

horror art taboos - maximum damnation

Maximum Damnation, from a series examining religious mythology. The angel in the painting is Archangel Metatron

horror art taboos - odium humani generis

Odium Humani Generis, the artist explains “This painting was kind of an experiment. I wanted to see how a painting turned out while I only listened to dark ambient while painting it. Dark ambient music have a strange influence on me, and it awakens the darker sides of myself.”

horror art taboos - virus

Virus, a piece from a series showing the darker side of the Pokemon franchise