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The Popcorn Horror Project is our attempt to form a community of people who actively create and support independent horror short films, art, photography, music, writing and other projects.

It’s a huge task, but you can play a really important part!


 We have developed a tool set called Bolster. On the Bolster site you can set up tools that help content creators make money, promote projects and interact with fans. These tools are connected to a embed button that can be embedded in a website or video player.  Anyone can set up a Bolster project and embed it anywhere they like. We want to help the people we love create more of the stuff we love.

One of these tools is a micro-donation/reward tool. You give a little bit of money (50c) and get an exclusive thank you gift back.To support these projects you can set up a Bolster wallet and be part of the community.

Here’s how to get involved

1. Go to the Bolster site and create an account. Click here.
2. On the Bolster site, select ‘wallet’. Top up your wallet with as much or as little as you like.
3. We’ll send you the best cutting edge independent horror from around the world to interact with and support

Look out for the Bolster logo on Popcorn Horror, to start supporting the people behind the content.






Go to “wallet” and top up as little or as much as you like

100% of the money goes to the content creator
The wallet makes it quick and easy to donate to a project
Get exclusive thank you gifts for donating
By using the wallet less of your money is spent on transaction fees


Get started Bolstering by supporting great projects on Popcorn Horror and on loads of other websites.







Check out the gallery below for an explanation from Jason


Click the images below for the full comic

So head over to Bolster and start supporting indie horror today

Questions? Comments? Want to send us your jar of toenail clippings? Email Felix or Cara.

Want to tell the world about Bolster? First off – we love you! And you can grab a press pack here.

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