Incredible horror models by Jim Capone

Jim Capone is a model painter, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His first endeavors at modeling came as a kid scrapping together nickels and dimes to buy Aurora monster kits at the local “five and ten”. He then received an under graduate degree in Art Education and a Masters Degree in Painting from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His professional career is as an art teacher, and Jim has worked with students in every grade level from first to tenth. After many years away from the hobby, he was introduced to garage kits in the mid-nineties.  Painting on resin began to consume more of his free time than painting on canvas. Since then, Jim has been asked to write “how to” articles for Modeler’s Resource magazine, and became a staff writer for Kitbuilder’s magazine.  He also writes online articles for and Black Heart Enterprises.

Check out his website for more information, or take a look at some of his incredible pieces below.

Ghost sculpture

freddy and jason

Mars Attacks

demon sculpture

king kong model

donnie darko figure

nazi zombie

Invisible Man

the joker figure

Wolfman sculpture

Pumpkinhead figure

sam trick r treat