Japan’s Bishoujo Dolls Give Horror Characters a Feminine Makeover

The Kotobukiya Company has a long history in Japan. They started out in the 1940s producing dolls, but really hit their stride in 1985 with a Godzilla licenced assembly kit. Since then, Kotobukiya has branched into vinyl and resin figures, collectable coins and their annual moddling and painting competition.

Recently, the company has been exploring the popular Japanese trend of Bishōjo. The term means a young, beautiful woman – and has become a staple of many anime and manga franchises. However, these traditionally cute female characters have been seeing makeovers recently, with male characters imagined as their female counterparts.

Several horror characters have received the BISHOUJO treatment in this series of figurines. Kotobukiya’s collection sees Freddy, Jason, Ash, Chucky and Pinhead redesigned as female characters. Most of the key features of each character are left intact, making them immediately recognisable in their gender swapped designs.

Would you like to see a female version of Freddy or Jason star in their own movie? Will you be adding these unique figures to your collection? Let us know your thoughts!