Introducing Important Terms Associated with Cannabis Industry for The Beginners

Cannabis or the marijuana industry has continued to grow tremendously despite the industry regulatory challenges. Many states have continued to legalize cannabis as more citizens support the legalization. In 2020 Gallup measured the reviews of support of marijuana legalization and found out that about 68% of US citizens support the legalization of cannabis. As the industry continues to grow, more new users are seeking more information about the industry. It’s therefore essential to understand the jargons used to communicate in the industry.


The marijuana flower bud is a flower found on mature plants, and it’s consumable. You can determine the quality of cannabis buds by scent, color, and the number of trichomes. Also, know as nugs can be dried and cured, ready to smoke.


Also known as cannabidiol is one of the many molecules found in cannabis. CBD is popular among medical marijuana users for its many uses in the medical field. CBD products treat patients with anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, arthritis, and skin problems. CBD does not cause high hence safer to consume since it does not have psychoactive substances. You may find CBD in the form of oils, tinctures, and topical creams. You can use the best vaporizers to get the best feel of the flavors and aroma in CBD.


Cannabinoids refer to a group of compounds found in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids interact with neural transmitters in the brain.

 The two common types of cannabinoids are;

  • THC; THC is associated with the high of cannabis.
  • CBD; CBD is associated with the health benefits of cannabis, and it does not have psychoactive effects.

Cross or Hybrids

Marijuana experts and farmers crossbreed multiple plants types of marijuana to develop new strains of marijuana with improved characteristics such as aroma, appearance, and effects. They mostly crossbreed the sativa and indica types of cannabis.


Also known as kief, crystals are small outgrowths found on the surface of the cannabis plant. Crystal refers to trichomes.  Trichomes have high concentrations of THC.


Stores that sell marijuana are known as dispensaries. Dispensaries serve as an easy way of accessing cannabis and are also legal since cannabis dispensaries are registered. Cannabis dispensaries provide information and solutions to their clients. However, dispensaries follow strict regulations; hence, you should abide by their requirements, such as proving that you are of legal age to access marijuana products.


Cannabis male plants do not have flowers, and therefore female cannabis plants are preferred over their male counterparts. Hence, agriculturalists have developed a way of forcing female plants to produce viable pollen to fertilize the other female plants. As such, they produce only female seeds, the feminization. Feminization also eliminates the chance of fertilizing male plants. 


The cannabis industry is vast, and many entrants are joining the industry, including people involved in pot stocks. It’s, therefore, crucial to understand the industry terms to avoid miscommunication and be able to communicate more efficiently. Familiarization with the industry jargon also serves as a gateway to educating yourself better on matters of cannabis. As you take marijuana and its products, ensure you do it responsibly. Every right has its responsibility!

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