Inside The Terrifying World of Abandoned Christmas Theme Parks

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Have you been good this year and expecting a visit from Father Christmas? Or have you been naughty, and Krampus will be coming down your chimney tonight?

You might find yourself wishing for the latter when you check out images of abandoned Christmas theme parks around the world. Popular for only a short period in history, and with assets useless 11 months out of the year, its little wonder so many now lie in ruin. With fading decor, and rusting reindeer, the parks boast the creepiest holiday scenes you’ll ever see.

Starting in Vermont’s Santa’s Land, the park closed suddenly and left behind the majority of rides, merchandise and decorations. As a result, it looks like a Christmas grotto in a nuclear wasteland.

Heading to Brazil, you’ll find CIDADE ALBANOEL, a park which never actually opened. It’s owner tragically died during construction, and the unfinished theme park was left to rot in 2000.

The first franchised theme park in the world Skypark Santa’s Village has now been restored and opened to guests. But for almost 20 years it lay dormant Near Lake Arrowhead, California. The pink paint faded on the Festive decor, leaving an almost Disneyland-esque nightmare.

Now called Three Worlds of Santa’s Village, this park closed for six years of it’s history. Located in East Dundee, during the closure the park was left to deteriorate, leaving behind an eary candy cane structure.

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