Inside the Scariest Children’s Playground in the World

Whether it’s the vintage circus seen in American Horror Story, or the bizarre version of Disney World seen in Escape from Tomorrow – there’s no denying that playground and fairs can easily turn from places of joy to dark seedy underworlds. The award for the most spooky children’s park in the world however, has to go to this abandoned playground in the Ukraine.

The park was at one point part of the Black Sea Resort, but years of decay have left the fairy tale themed playground looking like a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Giants, sea monster and clowns still stand in the former resort – with bleached faces and startling expressions. Vandalism and graffiti sees some of the creatures missing heads and limbs. Take a look at some of the photographs take by Kayman21 which show how eerie this park has become since it was left abandoned.


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