Watch The Trailer For Indie Scottish Horror ‘Splinter’

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It’s always awesome to see exciting things going on the Scottish indie horror community. Splinter is a short, psychological horror film filmed and set in Scotland, and written and directed by Simon Fox.

Production began through Dragonstone Pictures in late 2015 before filming over the course of February and March of 2016. Shooting took only five days to complete before the film was edited and polished for release in May. It has so far been shown from Scotland to Florida, USA and has received a rave review from who described it as “Pointy, prickly and dripping with thick, red globules of blood.”.

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Here’s the synopsis: ‘Nicola, a normal teenage girl living in rural Scotland, begins to suffer from sudden, splitting headaches which appear to be linked to her reality breaking apart. Her life starts to give way to nightmarish visions, and a strange fox creature that is stalking her, all the while she searches for her missing brother who appears to be the continuous link throughout it all.’

Check out the trailer below.

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