Indie Horror Western Changing the Way We View Women in Horror


No Man’s Land is a feature-length western supernatural horror film strengthened by three key elements – female representation, practical effects and indie spirit. Currently the team behind the film are crowdfunding through IndieGoGo to raise $35,000 for the project.

Robyn Watkins, the film’s writer and director wanted to create a horror film with a developed female lead and a talented team of women behind it. The Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film found that in 2014, only 12%  of all clearly identifiable protagonists were female.

Here’s a synopsis: “No Man’s Land – Dry and mostly flat, the nearest town is a full day’s ride and nothing but a few sod houses. This lawless strip of dirt may be no place for a woman on her own, but Ree Cutter was raised on dust and bullets. All she wants is to tend her land and clean it up – by hauling no good outlaws in to Beaver City, like her Pa did. Even if it was the only thing he ever did right.

When the youngest son of the notorious Kilburn Clan earns a bounty on his head, she sets out to drag him to justice – but a vicious predator descends on her isolated ranch, leaving little hope for escape. Unable to trust anyone as far as she can spit, Ree must find a way to work with “The Butcher” in order to survive. The story explores themes of guilt, redemption, and letting go of the past to embrace the future – all while our protagonist fights to live through the night.”


The campaign has almost reached the 10% mark, with just over a month until it ends. Rewards include digital copies of the film, behind the scenes materials, t-shirts and more.

Writer/Director Robyn is a working art department professional in the Toronto film industry. Most notably, she has worked on projects for NBC, Cineplex Inc. and the Canadian Film Centre. In her spare time, she writes and directs stories that delve into the darkest aspects of human nature. Her work has been screened at the Toronto Independent Film Festival and the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. An avid horror fan, Robyn looks to the genre for relaxation after a long day and comfort when she’s sick.

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