Indie Horror: The Walking Plague

The Walking Plague is a short horror film by Follow the Rabbit Productions. The idea came from director Dan Lowrie ‘s love for George Romero’s Dead series, in particular Night Of The Living Dead.

The film’s title came from the introduction of Max Brooks’ novel World War Z. Dan explained “The radio broadcasts at yes start were inspired by Night Of The Living Dead and fans of World War Z should be able to notice that most of the broadcasts are events that happened in the book i.e. with the outbreak originating in China”


Dan told us about some of the challenges of making the film. The original script was lengthy and had two characters and was supposed to have a lot of zombies in it. Unfortunately on the day of shooting only one actor showed up and only two zombies. Fortunately the make up artist volunteered to be a zombie. Dan also told us about his approach to the never-ending debate – ‘should zombies run?’ “The reason I had the zombies run was a direct result of only having three, although slow shambling zombies are more visually interesting only have three slow moving zombies wouldn’t really be that much of a threat so I had them run even though that voice (mostly Romero’s) in my head telling me that zombies don’t run. In the end up happy with what I got considering there was originally supposed to be two main characters and a lot more zombies. 

Follow the Rabbit Productions was started in 2010 by Dan Lowrie & Steve Ewart, both came together with a passion for film and a desire to excel in the industry. Alan Campbell, Crew Manager and Jordan McCabe, sound came on board in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

Check out the film below

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