Indie Horror Trilogy to focus on a variety of ‘Bugs’

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Magic Dog Productions are relative newcomers to the indie horror scene – having formed earlier this year. However, their first project is an ambitious one, an indie horror trilogy focusing on three different stages in the life of bugs.

The production company was formed by Simone Kisiel, who teamed up with writer Alexandra Grunberg. Their website explains: “When Jennifer Kent came out with ‘The Babadook’ in 2014 it’s as if Hollywood itself scrambled; “oh my gosh a WOMAN created a spooky film?! Quick Sundance, someone, give her an award!!”  Well men don’t have a monopoly on fear or evil.  Women are plenty capable of extreme violence and psychological warfare.  We plan to scare you.”


The project of Magic Dog Productions is, ‘BUGS: A Trilogy’, in the style of the 1975 horror film starring Karen Black, ‘Trilogy of Terror’. The synopsis for BUGS reads:

“A babysitter with a clever and violent ward. A patient who mistrusts the doctor’s orders. A young woman haunted by a malevolent presence. And the terror that ties them all together: BUGS. On their own, spiders, parasites, and bedbugs hold their own private horror for those who are beset by the quiet scuttles and slurps of inhuman creatures. But for Diane, Hannah, and Elena, three varied yet eerily similar women, these bugs represent the larger horrors of paranoia, helplessness, and abandonment. The Bugs Trilogy explores the inequality of the watcher and ward, relationships between mothers and their children, and the measures we are willing to take to protect ourselves from dangers we do not want to comprehend.’

The first part to be released is named PARASITE and focuses on a woman named Hannah with an unexplained illness. You can watch the trailer below.

The two parts to follow are HATCHLING and BEDBUGS. The synopsis for these parts read:

HATCHLING: “Elliot is a little gentleman. Smart, obedient, quiet. It should not be difficult for Diane to take care of him while his mother is recuperating. But Elliot has a knack for making Diane’s job difficult. He does not want to share snacks. He does not want to eat the food she makes. He does not want to get ready bed. He has creative ideas about the purpose of Raid. And he thinks a knife is an appropriate to tool to pack for a sleepover. Diane has her hands full with Elliot. And at the end of the day, she still has to deal with what might be hidden under his bed.”

BEDBUGS: “Elena is being terrorized at nights. Little bites appear on her skin from bugs she cannot find. Her roommate does not have time to deal with this problem. Her mother refuses to believe that the problem even exists. And even if there are bedbugs, they are just bugs. So why is Elena getting so upset? Perhaps the reactions remind her of another time she was abandoned by those she trusted. Perhaps it has something to do with the dark force that will not let her sleep, that finds her when she is alone, and brings with it a trauma Elena does not want to remember. But as she tries to ignore the shadowy figure, reality and memory begin to blur until she is forced to confront her past.”

Find out more on the Magic Dog Productions website and Facebook Page.

Parasite Teaser Part 1 BUGS: A Trilogy from Simone Kisiel on Vimeo.

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