Indie Horror Review: LUNCH LADIES

Hot off a sweep of festival wins for Best Horror Comedy Short, Lunch Ladies is already proving to be a hit among indie horror fans across the world from Dread Central to South African Horrorfest. The official website boasts tonnes of meta material to promote the setting ‘Melvin High’s’ ‘school spirit’.

The short, which is just shy of 20 minutes, is a proof of concept with a script for a feature from writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson and director/producer J. M. Logan. At the forefront of this throwback to John Waters’ absurdity is Johnny-Depp-obsessed sisters Seretta and LouAnne Burr (Donna Pieroni and Mary Manofskyrespectively).The comedic, if underappreciated, lunch ladies hope to change their luck when a personal recipe is chosen by the ‘Deppster’ himself for a children’s charity event. Sadly, 21st century teens are not so impressed and one (not so) unfortunate cheerleader bears the brunt of Seretta’s unflinching rage. What happens next is a strangely concocted but entertaining story of how to make it to the end of the school day.

Pieroni and Manofsky accentuate the odd-ball relationship, both to each other and to their idol, Mr Depp, with true b-movie camp-ness, which plays into the ensuing wacky adventures. The filmmakers even made use of the closing credits to keep the illusion (and humour) alive.

A brilliant score, with nods to the jangly discomfort of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, set to well shot sequences and moreover, a diverse cast and crew.

A truly decent effort within the crowded California scene and we can’t wait to see how the Lunch Ladies will grow as a feature.