6 Indie Horror Projects to Watch in 2017

So we can collectively agree that 2016 was a real life horror movie? Thankfully, amid everything else going on, there are some exciting indie horror projects to look forward to for the new year. Here’s a few that we’re eagerly anticipating – #SupportIndieHorror


1. Space Goat have acquired the rights to ‘The Howling’.
Space Goat Productions, in partnership with Studiocanal announced their plans to re-imagine the cult werewolf flick as a four part comic series. We loved their take on the Evil Dead franchise, and the extended universe they created – so we’re super excited to see them take on another cult horror favourite. The 4-issue comic book mini-series The Howling: Revenge of the Werewolf Queen is scheduled to be released in Summer 2017, and will take place directly after the events of the first film.


2. Bad Acid is set for online release.
You’ve heard us talking a lot about independent horror film Bad Acid this year. One of the most original shorts we’ve come across, we awarded the film the top prize at the Glasgow Horror Festival. Not only is the film by David Chaudoir screening as an official selection of the BAFTA accredited London Short Film Festivalit’s also set for online release in 2017.


3. We’ll finally be able to check out folk horror ‘Dogged’.
For fans of folk horror, such as The Wickerman, there’s a lot to look forward to here. Richard Rowntree’s film Dogged is based on a short of the same name, and is set for Spring 2017 release. The film was realised due to the horror community’s support of a crowdfunding campaign, and we can’t wait to see how it translates to a feature.


4. Look At Me Films and Megan Freels Johnston’s horror/comedy is set for release.
Coming in the summer of 2017The Ice Cream Truck is set to be a cynical look at suburbia, with a killer ice cream truck driver!


5. The UK is getting a brand new indie horror festival.
Andy Deen (owner of UK Horror Scene) and Chris Barnes (owner of The Slaughtered Bird) have brought their horror communities together to form a brand new festival for UK horror fans. After months of planning they have partnered up with the AMC Cinema in Manchester and their debut festival will be on May 27th & 28th, 2017. They’re also open for submissions, so be sure to check them out.


6. Cats are taking over!
Are you a cat lover? You wont be when Moggy Creatures is released in 2017. The upcoming practical FX horror feature is based on a short story of the same name. The film follows a couple who adopt a cat, which spawns evil monsters, and is set to be a showcase of practical horror FX.

Of course, here at Popcorn Horror we hope to bring you tones of new content, events, competitions, and other opportunities to get involved. Have a fantastic New Year folks, see you in 2017!